"Jamboree is the darned highlight of my year. It's sublime!"


nested in the sub-tropical forest of Mt Keira

Jamboree Creative Escape is located at Mount Keira Scout Camp, just 10 minutes drive from the Wollongong CBD, tucked away in the mountain forest. It's just over an hour from Sydney. It is also accessible by public transport to Wollongong, then a taxi ride up the hill.

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The Mt Keira Scout Camp is a large site and does present challenges for anyone with physical mobility issues. Stairs link some of the venues, and walking around the site is necessary.

Attendance to Jamboree is available to NDIS clients for Social and Community Participation funding, for either self or Plan managed clients. Please email us for more info hello@therumpus.com.au

A Rumpus Production

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Jamboree Sponsors

this festival is made possible in part by the lovely people at: 

Avant Garde Camping Co, Dumbo Feather Magazine

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