"Jamboree shook me out of my skin, brought me back to who I truly am. Seriously. A beautiful experience"


Jamboree Creative Escape: 4 years and beyond

Jamboree Creative Escape was a dream born out of Rumpus, a non-profit creative enterprise based in Wollongong. Rumpus builds, connects, unlocks and strengthens community through play. Our community workshop program, workplace teambuilding, and creative mental health program connects people to joy, fun, focus and the things we have forgotten are important.

Jamboree is a whole weekend experience that takes those ideas and turns up the volume. Loud. It's meant to be a big, bonkers, fun two days. People travel from all over the country to come. Many come alone. Young people, older people, in-the-middle people. People who have an art practice, people who haven't drawn, sung or danced since they were teenagers. ALL leave feeling reconnected to their creative self.

The weekend combines a magical forest setting, a rustic scout camp, a program of incredible workshops on art, plants, food, craft, music, writing, dance. Delicious seasonal, fresh food, coffee, wine, treats, and snacks. Crafternites and Saturday Soirees and campfires and forest walks and sunrise yoga and 80’s aerobics and probably a dress up box. Maybe a wig library. Definitely some silliness.

Your hosts are the Rumpus team. Welcome. Let's Play.

A Rumpus Production

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this festival is made possible in part by the lovely people at: 

Avant Garde Camping Co, Dumbo Feather Magazine

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