Animated Collage

Angie Cass

Is Anybody Out There? Jamboree After Dark...

On a starlit night around the campfire when all is velvety calm, where flames spit and crackle, and soft voices chatter, do you wonder who's watching from the bush? Through the magic of collage you'll make a blue-black sky filled with sparkling stars; a mystical fireside gathering midst unfamiliar plants and animals; and unlikely chimera peering through the trees.

Then you'll animate your story using a rig, a mobile phone and a free app.

Materials include paper print-outs to create mysterious darkened skies, strange stars and cloud formations, unfamiliar trees of all shapes, heads of gargoyles and angels and dragons and aliens, rare but beautiful eyes, limbs and bodies. Who is out there depends solely on your imagination!

Join paper and collage artist Angie Cass for this unique, fun crafternoon workshop.

Angie Cass is a Community Entrepreneur teaching collage and stop motion techniques to people of all ages and abilities. Themes for her inventive animation classes include The Abominable Snowman, Ridiculous Machines Making Everyday Things, and The Feminist Archive. She is currently working with the dementia community on a collage reminiscence project and organising the Wollongong Short Film Festival for November 2019.‍