Bush Foods and Plants

Narelle Happ

Narelle Happ, permaculture designer from A Garden For LIfe is back sharing her most popular workshop, and her true passion - native bush foods!

Under the forest trees, learn about the abundant and hardy array of scented, edible native plants in our midst, and the role they played in indigenous communities and diets. A sensory celebration as you feel, smell and even taste an array of aromatic bush tucker plants such as lemon myrtle, wattleseed, lillypilly and warrigal greens! Learn how to incorporate bush foods and plants into your garden - how to raise, propogate, harvest, and cook!

Narelle Happ is a garden designer and horticulturalist who specialises in native garden and permaculture design, and teaches workshops all over Australia.She has over a decade of experience and is passionate about creating ‘living’ spaces which are nurturing, productive and sustainable.