Maori Weaving (Raranga)

Alice Spittle

It is such a treat to have Alice Spittle join us at Jamboree to share her cultural traditions and weaving craft. Connect with nature and get creative while using traditional New Zealand Maori techniques along with your own contemporary ideas to explore this amazing plant and fibre.  Alice will teach you the traditional techniques of weaving with New Zealand harakeke (flax) and together you will explore and discuss the processes, traditions, Tikanga (protocols) around weaving as well as how to nurture the plant and how to harvest sustainably.  This workshop is a full day basketry class. All materials and resources are provided.

Alice is an established contemporary artist who also teaches traditional NZ Maori weaving workshops around Australia and has recently taught at the Australian Museum, The Woodford Folk Festival, Camp Creative to internationally at the Spirit Weavers Gathering in California. Along with her partner Luke, she is the founder of the Fibre Arts Festival in Queensland.