Here & Now: Dance& Movement

Emma Saunders

For those who enjoy moving, thinking, writing and talking, and have a sneaking suspicion that if they move more, they will be more happy, this is for you! It’s easy! Choreographer, dancer and producer Emma Saunders will lead a series of easy and relaxing tasks that will involve mapping the body providing a preparation for working the head, spine, breath, arms and legs. Then we will explore the body and its surroundings in movement working on our own, and with each other. We’ll then create a context to dance within using the landscape around us, develop an easy set of instructions for performance and then invite everyone else to join in as a basis for the closing ceremony for the weekend overall. This performance will create a space for attention and extraordinary perception. All whilst having fun and a bit of a giggle along the way! No formal dance experience necessary.

Emma will also run the much-loved Saturday morning 80's aerobics.

Emma Saunders is a “formidable” (RealTime, 2010) Australian dance artist who works as a dancer, educator, curator, choreographer, and director. Utilising a visceral, instinctive attack, her work is immediate, often working with humour, everyday movements, text, repetition, deconstruction, duration and abstraction. Emma is a co founding member of the award winning contemporary dance trio The Fondue Set alongside Jane McKernan and Elizabeth Ryan. With The Fondue Set, Emma co created and performed in over 9 full length dance works and has performed all over the world including Berlin, Paris, London, and Japan. Since moving to the Illawarra from the heady days of city living, Emma has been finding ways to be as relevant in her local community as the real estate agents are, through creating opportunities to dance with as many people as possible, and recontextualising these projects in a broader artistic and cultural context. This includes the recent 1.1.18 Dancing Project where she created a massive flash mob on Austinmer Beach for New Year’s Day with 250 participants, and which has had over 15,000 hits on youtube. Rumour has it she has nominated for an Australian Dance Award for this project – only time will tell.