Second Life Sewing

Annie Werner

Upgrade that boring old t-shirt with some newfound sewing skills! Whether you're a beginner or an old-hand, this workshop will show some tricks for fancying up boring clothes and turning them into exciting ones!

A scalloped panel? Cute collar? Spotty hem or quirky pocket? Or perhaps some flouncy sleeves! Using an epic stash of op-shop and vintage fabric, you will walk away with blinged up shirts that you will want to show off to your friends.

And our first sewing workshop at Jamboree!

Annie Werner is a self-confeessed DIY zealot, who will have a crack at hand-making anything from a handbuilt strawbale home, Autumn Farm in Bega, to a crocheted stubby holder and anything in between. Annie is a knitter, crocheter, spooncarver, homeschooler, academic, embroiderer, sewist, builder and tattooed lady who lives to make, do and mend. Annie lives in her handmade home on the beautiful far south coast of NSW with her partner Genevieve and their 2 kids.